Vivienne Zhu, MD, MS is an assistant professor in the Biomedical Informatics Center (BMIC) at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Dr. Zhu’s major research area is improving quality of care and health outcomes for patients with chronic conditions using health information technology (HIT). Her expertise incldue computerized clinical decision support (CDSS), electrinic health record (EHR), natural languge processing (NLP) for clincal appliaitons, and predictive analytics. At MUSC, using NLP technology, Dr. Zhu led effort of measuring compliance rate of the Joint Commission standards for critical results reporting and communication and the CMS quality of care reporting. Dr. Zhu is the pricinple investigator and co-investigator for serveral NIH funded studies. She leads an NLP project of identifying and extracting social determinates from clinical notes for prostaet cancer patients. Dr.Zhu has published a nubmer of peer-reviewed scientific papers on medical informatics, patient safety, and health outcomes research.